Pressemitteilung November 2017 (English)

Alpine Mining SA (Gondo, Switzerland) aims to promote blockchain technologies by offering the possibility to participate in securing these networks, with facilitated and advantageous „cloud mining & Asic hosting“ solutions.

Crypto-currencies using a transaction validation system similar to Bitcoin require a lot of computing power to ensure their operation. Their network has been specially designed to reward anyone wishing to take part in this activity (mining) by spreading the new „coins“ created equitably according to the computing power allocated to each miner.

Alpine Mining SA is the result of the work of a versatile team of specialists from various backgrounds who combine skills and know-how in areas such as security and administration of computer systems, as well as management, logistics and communication.

Multiple reasons led the company to incorporate its headquarters in Gondo in the Swiss Alps. This small village in Upper Wallis is renowned for its ancient gold mining activity that lasted until the end of the 19th century. Since then, Gondo has gradually lost its luster and has seen its population fall in the space of a century. However, it was before the advent of the crypto-currency era that brought gold mining 2.0.

Alpinemining.ch offers the opportunity to participate in the mining of crypto-currencies with simplified and personalized „cloud mining“ and „Asic hosting“ contracts. In addition to „Asic hosting“ contracts, we are currently offering Ethereum and Monero mining contracts in advance, available until December 15, 2017 at 9:00 pm (UTC+1). New pre-sale offers will be posted online for the latest available places.

The union of renewable energies and blockchain technology will revolutionize our world.

Ludovic Thomas
CEO, Alpine Mining SA

Alpine Mining SA has met all the necessary conditions to ensure the best profitability of the mining activity. We benefit from agreements that give us a favorable price for electricity from local energy suppliers. This competitive advantage allows us to ensure the longevity of our business due to the potential growth of our computing power in proportion to the overall network. We are specialized in the creation of computing centers powered by GPUs whose power could benefit other activities than mining such as deep-learning, simulation, or 3D rendering.

In addition to the well adapted climate for mining, the rivers of the Alpine territory supplying hydroelectric power stations provide us with a natural and renewable source of energy. The last one is vital for the Alpine Mining project whose demand for electricity is constantly growing.

Alpine Mining SA has decided to develop its activities in Switzerland and more particularly in Wallis, because this canton has all required qualities for a stable and secure mining environment. Mining crypto-currencies requires a lot of energy and we think that it should not affect the environmental.