The Alpine Mining project is the fruit of the enormous work put in by a team of young Swiss nationals who are passionate about the technology made famous by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Our objective is to promote blockchain technologies by making them both accessible and easy to use.

The imminent and global adoption of the blockchain in our daily tools and services is unavoidable for us. This inevitability stems from its capacity to store and exchange currencies and information in a way that is decentralised, secured and peer to peer.

Our team is composed of specialists with varying backgrounds whose combined experience and knowledge include areas such as cyber-security and IT administration, as well as management, logistics and communication.



Cryptocurrencies using a transactions validation system in the mould of Bitcoin require enormous computing power to operate. These types of networks were specifically designed to reward anyone that wishes to take part in this pursuit (mining) by distributing newly created “coins” evenly based on the computing power input from each miner.

In addition to the technical skills required for this activity, there are certain environmental constraints that affect its profitability, namely advantageous electricity prices and management of the heat produced by the hardware.

Alpine Mining has brought together all the necessary conditions to ensure maximum profitability of the mining activity. We benefit from agreements that give us a favorable price for electricity from local energy suppliers. This competitive advantage allows us to ensure the longevity of our business due to the potential growth of our computing power in proportion to the entire network. We are specialized in the creation of high performance computing centers powered by graphic cards (GPUs) whose power could benefit other activities than mining such as deep-learning, simulation, or 3D rendering.

In addition, the rivers in the Alpine territory that supply hydroelectric power plants provide us with a source of renewable energy.

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Energy source that respects the environment

100% natural and renewable
0% CO2 Emission
100% hydroelectric source




We take full responsibility for implementing the necessary infrastructure in order to install everything as efficiently and rapidly as possible.


Personalised customer space offering detailed visibility of mining revenues.


Constant monitoring and maintenance service available 24/7 which guarantees optimal functioning of mining activities.

Antminer Hosting

A quick and efficient solution

We offer a hosting and maintenance service for your Antminer hardware. After receiving your personal machines, we test and plug them in our fully equipped premises. Testing period can take up to 10 days and only functional and complete hardware (Antminer + PSU) is accepted.

Once we have receive your material and configuration requirements pool, reception address for coins), we guarantee both a rapid implementation and a 24/7 maintenance service.

From this point forward, you will not have to worry about the disadvantages of mining. You will have access to an individual dashboard displaying live information from the computers (status and hashrate of the Antminer). This service will also offer the possibility of mining other cryptocurrencies that use the same algorithm in a given antminer at any time.


We do not sell any Antminer

Antminer S7 (Sold Out)

CHF 185

1.3 kWh

Monthly price
Offer AS7001
Contract length:
3 months minimum
No additional charge

Antminer D3 (Sold Out)

CHF 175

1.2 kWh

Monthly price
Offer AD3001
Contract length:
3 months minimum
No additional charge

Antminer L3 (Sold Out)

CHF 131

0.8 kWh

Monthly price
Offer AL3001
Contract length:
3 months minimum
No additional charge



Our service offers better security and return on investment than our competitors around the globe.

Clean Energy

We draw our energy from run-of-river hydroelectric power stations powered by nearby rivers.


Our location in the Swiss Alps provides a favorable climate for crypto-currencies mining.


Our team is constantly empowered through the integration of new members with mining and entrepreneurship skills.

The team

Ludovic Thomas

CEO, Co-founder

Patrick Widmer

Web Designer

Florin Dzeladini

Blockchain Dev

Christophe Lillo

CTO, Co-founder

Fred Juillard

Admin, Co-founder

Julien Thomas


Théo Martinet

PM, Co-founder

Kévin Ouillon

CE, Co-founder

Julien Chappuis

Legal Advisor


Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm


Gondo, Switzerland