Press Release May 2018

A first foot in Sweden

Alpine Mining is the Swiss leader company of cryptocurrencies mining based in Gondo (VS), a charming village of the Swiss Alps. The company recently signed a partnership with Diginex, a blockchain tech company based in Hong Kong to commission a Data Center (DC) in Sweden. Diginex currently holds over 2000 mining systems (about 13200 GPUs/2.2 megawatts) in DCs located in Asia and Europe and aims to display up to an impressive 100 megawatts by the end of the year. The success of Diginex led the acquisition of the company by The Madison group Holding.

Setting up an international project of this magnitude is a considerable challenge for the Alpine Mining team, and an unprecedented rise for our young organization.

Ludovic Thomas
CEO, Alpine Mining SA

The fruitful collaboration between Alpine Mining and Diginex will lead to the building of a facility located in Sweden and Alpine mining will be in charge of the setup of the whole infrastructure, the optimization of the GPUs as well as the monitoring of the dedicated operating systems.

By launching this international collaboration with Diginex and after six months of substantial effort, for the first time, Alpine Mining exports its knowledge and expertise abroad to Sweden. The project will have a total cost of 30 millions dollars and while the hardware is being shipped, the building and the initial technical setups is ongoing. Alpine Mining will send manpower to Sweden to perform technical work, including the assembly of mining hosts, GPUs optimization, as well as training a local team for future maintenance.

Press Contact:
Bertrand Deldon
+41 78 307 18 40

This new high power computing facility will be able to deploy 8 Mega Watts and will include tens of thousands of graphic cards. Therefore, launching this ambitious and exciting project with an international company like Diginex is an opportunity for Alpine Mining to export its know-how abroad, and to integrate new skills within its team. Alpine Mining, specialist in GPU optimization, is having a great opportunity to export and upscale its unique expertise in running Blockchain oriented high performance data centers.